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Unfair umpiring loses the beauty of World Cup Cricket , 2nd quarter-final 2015

Unfair umpiring loses the beauty of World Cup Cricket , 2nd quarter-final 2015.


Unfair umpiring loses the beauty of World Cup Cricket , 2nd quarter-final 2015

Wrong decision .

It is totally unfair umpiring that loses the beauty of cricket . We want to believe ‘ play ‘ for enjoyment and for a pure relationship that provides the friendship and spirit . But when the result is fixed by tampering the usual nature of game , all beauty and appeal must be lost. After ignoring  a legal LBW appeal  Umpire Aleem Dar had  signaled a no ball but it was not . Here the important fact is that the wrong decision taken the umpires would be the turning point to change the result of the mach . Not only that But also another vital wrong decision  goes to favor of India  , and that is the declaring a no ball that obviously   helps India to make win easier against Bangladesh .

No logic in the no ball .

No cricket specialist find the logic against the no ball given by the Umpires. The criticism against the decision added  a new dimension among the critics who are especially the x cricketers , umpires and  cricket lovers around the world and most of the celebrates did shy away against the umpires and the International Cricket Council     ( ICC) expressing their disappoints . They also criticize  the wrong decision and conspiracy made by the umpires and  comment that  it  will lose the attraction of cricket . 

  Date and venue change .

It is another factor that is not usual case at all . The question is why ICC change the fixed date and venue just before the mach . Perhaps it is the first time to change venue after qualifying Bangladesh for quarter-final . The astonishing fact is that Indian cricketers   are well known to the venue of Melbourne but Bangladeshi are   not . A new environment and a new place  , of course , influences the player to play .  It is doubted from the Bangladeshi side that the changing venue is the another trick taken ICC to defeat Bangladesh against India .  

Bangladesh to appeal against ‘ Controversial ‘  umpiring . 

Bangladesh will appeal against ‘ Controversial ‘ umpiring  , said AHM Mustofa  Kamal , President of International Cricket Council ( ICC) , he added that if necessary , he will resign as ICC chief protesting the ‘ Controversial decision ‘ made by umpires .  He made the comment while talking to several private  television channels in Australia .  

Outrage in Dhaka over unfair umpiring .

The  wrong decisions drove  an angry response in Bangladesh . Thousands of Bangladeshi Cricket supporters protest an angry response against the umpires decision . They came out from their houses and burnt an effigy of   the accused  umpires   .  They shouted with slogans against the umpires and ICC  .  

The Bangledeshi cricket fan demand punishment and penalty of the umpires , as they are deprived of fair cricket . The social medias’ websites are flooded with arrows of criticisms against the International Cricket Council .

The accusation of the  conspiracy that has already made by the common cricket fan is really disappointing for the welfare of  cricket-world .It  should not be wise not  to take the proper step against the conspiracy . If   the  fan-people of cricket lose their faith in ICC , it might be difficult to get return them again to enjoy  this popular game . 

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The name ‘Rain’ leads a re-freshness stage over the body and soul in our imagination. It brings a fresh a comfortable feelings .After continuing for days together a sunny and dry environmental influence a rainy hour is expected for demanding the natural balance.

It matters the precipitation of rainfall in the environment .Though the oceans are the chief source of rain , lakes and rivers also contribute to rain .It is rain forests that is   essential for rainfall . Sustaining rain forests is one of the major challenges now a days . In this point of view the rain forests maintain the major role of controlling food chains . Providing global oxygen and exchanging other gases rain forests’ role is unavoidable . Getting adequate rain fall , creating the building materials and controlling the erosion rain forests are essential . By proper maintenance   of natural forests can ensure a healthy rainfall.

Clouds consists of tiny droplet of moisture. It occurs rainfall when the tiny droplets become heavy. Rainfall varies in different scales of places . When drought drives the nature in a crisis of water , only the rainfall then becomes the savoir .

Rain fall is a blessing for almost all kind of lives . Genesis of lives  prolong the rainfall . After a certain period a rainfall is essential for living of the creature . Rain is one of the primary elements in climate and it leads an essential importance in the distribution of plant and animal life. Agriculture is depended on rainfall , consequently the agricultural people look forward for a timely rainfall. Actually rain is a re-fresher of the nature.